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Virtual Truck Dispatching (VTD) is your shipping solutions provider. We dispatch freight to Owner-Operators through out the United States. We are seeking single owner operators and owner operators with small fleets. We handle single loads or daily freight for Flatbed, Dry Van, Reefer, Step Deck, RGN, Hot Shot, and 3-10 Vehicle Auto Haulers.


Virtual Truck Dispatching (VTD) specialize in finding and placement of Motor Vehicles and Freight for our Owner/Operators on our network. We are not a brokerage and we do not function in that capacity. 

For Owner-Operators who need us to be their Truck Dispatcher, they must be registered on our Network of Owner/Operators. Then as a professional dispatch service provider, we can legally represent them and search, negotiate, and dispatch high paying loads to them. Expect the absolute best in your truck dispatching service. ​We have the BEST Customer Service, hands down!

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