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Dispatch Training

  • Learn the Dispatch Business
  • Learn facts about logistics
  • Step-by-Step how to book a load
  • Online Self-Study Course
  • Training Manual

Want to be a Truck Dispatcher?

Are you interested in learning about Truck Dispatching and other aspects of the Transportation Industry? Not sure where to start?
Our goal is simple: To monitor and coordinate the movements of your trucks and freight while you drive and make more money.


Virtual Truck Dispatching (VTD) has been helping Owner Operators in the transportation industry who transport freight of all kinds to fulfill their potential. We do this using the latest software and technology to maintain your loads and we find you the best loads ANYWHERE in the continental USA.


Let us deal with the headaches of bureaucracy and concentrate on making YOU money on the road. We work hard and focus on giving truck drivers the best customer service and trucking dispatch service in the industry.  24/7 Dispatch Service Available. We offer affordable rates and full load arrangement and logistics planning.

Welcome to Virtual Truck Dispatching!

  • The dispatcher's job is to schedule drivers to pick up and deliver loads to customers or vendors.​
  • Dispatchers are also responsible for keeping records, monitoring driver daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring drivers' working hours and equipment availability.  Another part of the job is knowing the weather of all your drivers locations in order to flag potential issues. There are numerous computer programs to aid dispatchers in their job, but much of the work requires good intuition and knowledge of the industry.

Truck Dispatching Service

Virtual Truck Dispatching provides a Full Service Program which includes negotiating the best load rates for Owner Operators who register within VTD's Network.

Our Owner-Operators

All Registered Owner-Operators on our network must have their own authority (MC#) , USDOT#, Insurance, and have good ratings with SaferWatch.